Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Diaries - January 25, 2014

Shared with mother what if we meet again those, who'd never come again like Imran and uncle Ashraf and grandmother. Saw them all in my last night dream. It was pretty odd. They were sharing their stories- we ours. We had tea with biscuits and some random gossips. Grandmother would crumble biscuits before eating and complained about her troubling  toothache. I took her to my room. She was amazed by the number of books. She could read in English too. I was very surprised. She asked if I ever missed her and I cried. I tried hard not to. The rest I can't remember. Mother warned me to stay safe and vigilant while at work in Peshawar or in the field. She is visibly worried . Told her I will. She knows that I can't live in fear. Life after all, can be a burden if lived under constant fear. One must live like a free man. Though, we all have boundaries and some stupid limitations to adhere to. 

2nd week of work with UNFPA and there is so much of work to be done.  It is a nice working environment and everybody is so pleasant and helpful. I wish staff were a bit more professional. UN is like a family and people must be driven by the desire to help the most vulnerable people in need. V from UNHCR shared that she is happy in Peshawar and that people are nice. It was pleasant to hear from an expat.
............. Mother said that it is only god who can bring peace to the country. I don't understand why people expect Khudai to resolve all man made problems-some as technical as recovering a word file on our PC. Why don't we understand that it is people who bring war and peace to their own doorsteps not god or gods. Fried fish for Mahroo and Asma. They came down for an hour with her mother. Asma loves fried fish. She asked which of the nieces I like the most. I say Mahroo and that made her feel unwanted for a second. She wanted me to get her an Afghani gagra. I will get her one soon. She is totally adorable.

Excerpts from my diaries- Jan 25,2013, Peshawar

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