Wednesday, 2 October 2013

To Taliban's Apologists!

I don’t know how to begin with:  
I know I may stumble to make sense , while they may
conveniently quote verses from the holy book in the best possible way
with utmost precision
to paint my city in blood- once more. After all, they've stolen the God!

On our side of the road-
it is quite convenient for some to be butchered in the process.
But that’s OK to them!

On the other side of the road-
There are those with long beard, kohl in their eyes, counting Tasbeeh
preaching to kill dozens more , blowing themselves up too,
after all
they are ready to  spend the night on the breasts of 72 odd virgins.
They may burn the already dead ones too-
to achieve some highest form of gratification!

Few yards ahead-
at the crossroad- watching like silent spectators
some clean shaven idiots
who resemble no less than sculptures of all heights-  scared and frozen
as  if made from some RECYCLED flesh of timid souls
spend day in-
day out -

in some intellectual masturbation-
To achieve highest form of political orgasm on my dead people
arguing - "it's not OUR war, it's someone ELSE" !

I say F*****  U ALL!

Karachi, September 29, 2013

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