Thursday, 12 September 2013

Last words !

And when despair and hopelessness 
start peeping through the window,
to get one final look of your miserable being
and when your ill- wishers start dancing on the songs of sarcasm
and when the memory of a loved one – thousand miles away
sitting somewhere in a cosy caf√© 
surrounds you like an octopus-
and when the angel of DEATH tries to get into your house
and INVADE your personal space
and when you get nervous, helpless, hopeless-
and wet in sweat-
all you want to say-
“O death-
O death-
don’t you scare me with your devious plans
I have still enough left in me
So treat me with some respect
And while you and my enemies lack alphabets of respect in your lexicons
It runs in my blood!
So stab me as hard as you can-
but remember!
Tomorrow- as the first light of the joyous sun touches my rugged mountains
you won’t be here, but I will be!

Karachi, September 7, 2013

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