Sunday, 25 August 2013

Because she is a WOMAN !

Because she is a WOMAN !

So she can cook for you and your kids- 
and THAT'S OK? 
And she is expected to serve you first- 
because you are a man 
while she can fight her appetite 
because she is a woman- AND THAT'S OK too? 
And she cleans you and your BLOODY house. 
She gets your children ready for school 
and YOU- for work. She raises your children-
make them doctors, engineers, teachers, nice human beings.
And she washes, presses and mends your clothes.
And she cleans your babies bottoms which in the best possible way- you avoid to see?

And she does this all - not for an hour or two, but unrecorded tiring , thankless hours.
But she can't poll her vote. Because she is a WOMAN.
Because she has no choice ?

Farid Gul, Karachi, August 22, 2013

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