Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Young girl hush!
Hush in the stillness of the night! And
Don’t even whisper a word!
Rest your gentle hands
On my tired shoulders.
Your hands that feels softer than cotton.

Place you ears next to my beating heart!
Can you hear the music of my heart?
If not, then listen!
Listen to the melody of my heart
Craving for my land
You and me
And the people in it!

Now young girl:
Stay calm
Don’t get nervous
And look into my eyes:
What can you see?
The colour of our dark blood
Lost in my lost villages, towns and cities
Or the eyes of an insomniac?

Young girl: You seem frantic now!
You better not!
You better hug me, as we need it badly
And let me place my head
On your shoulders
And let me breathe the divine scent of your body
And inhale
the sublime fragrance of your love!

Now young girl:
Make sure
You balance not only your trembling frame
Shaky shoulders
Or your elegant neck, but also
My delicate emotions!
And then
Let the silence of our passion produce a heavenly music
One last time
That may hold us tight
On a wintry night!

Farid Gul, London, 3rd of Jan, 2011


Anonymous said...

Do you write pashtu poetry too?

FaridGul said...

Grana, I don't write in Pashtu, I wish I could :(