Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Poem !

O’ my sweetheart!
Take away from me the thought of separation under your black magic, and let me see
The places with you
That lies ahead on the road
Of love and longing.
What is left over for us in a land of sorrows?
Our stories eulogize the traitors
Our souls are dry with apathy
Our houses washed away with flood
The living bodies that you see walking on the streets, they don’t exist!
They have deep holes in them!

So, O’ you my Love! When you come!
You don’t need to be scared of anything
You won’t require a gentle knock or a bang on my heart’s door either!
All you need is to come like a light wind
with a soft music!
And when you come
Don’t you ever sing the songs of separation to me
With the wild beat of sarcasm
or dance of agony , as
I won't hear those from you, my love!

And don’t you scare or worry about me either!
As I won’t swallow your magic with my emptiness.
I would brace my body against you
And would prefer
To stay
Inside the sound
Of your light silence
Tender love
Like a child of war!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This poet has got the maturity to write on the hopeful emotion of true love between sweethearts no matter what is going on around them or whatever situations they find them in ,in this case a war zone.It is hopeful,and strong ,and exhibits the human emotion of hope in love,which is universal.This poet can write on many levels about life ,and should explore that more so ,and not only on areas close to his heart or experience,as his words have the wisdom to reach a wider public.