Sunday, 30 May 2010

Your Memories !

My Love!
In a while , the soft gentle breeze from Pashtunkhwa
will bring your whole existence to me.
You will stay silent for a while, all shy!
all confused !
Then you will rest on the sofa
as if
tired from a long journey.

But then
from the rear window of the garden
you will leave the room quietly
like a burglar
or perhaps
you will hide yourself between the lines of a poem
or a story
as if playing hide and seek in the garden of my heart!
I will be all wet in tears then.
All alone !

And when you will leave me alone, my love!
your memories will come down on me
like heavy thunderstorm , then
I will have nothing left of you
only your memories
the broken window of my heart
and my tears.
The tears that you will resent
the tears which will make you immortal
and extinguish me.

Farid Gul, London, May 29 , 2010


Tor_Khan تور خان said...

Salaam Farid Gul,

You may need to change the date on the poem, but this is lovely, nonetheless.

FaridGul said...

Dear Tor Khan, thank you so much for that:)

God bless you!