Wednesday, 29 July 2009


life is a desert
me- an aimless particle of it
a desert of pain
And you!
a drop of rain
the face of the future
then perhaps…..
one rainy day
our eyes will meet somewhere in a desert.

life is a poem
me- a broken verse of the poem
or a missing line of the poem
the anguish of the past
scorn of the future
and you ....
a sweet rhyme!
then perhaps the melodies of a singer may bring us together
continents may unite some day!
and the rivers flow into the sea too!
haven't you heard?
so why can’t we?

So O’ you with the eyes of a killer serpent
look into my young heart
dilapidated as an old building
yearning for you
with fierce warmth
and tender ordeal.

O' you with the eyes of an angel
stay a while
stay awake
till the clouds turns to rain
and tears turns to pearls
pearls into a wreath
and I will see your face
that I longed for ages
Maybe …….
may be the missing lines of the poem will connect us too!

Farid Gul, London, July 24 , 2009

1 comment:

Farhad Timuri said...

Great poem. Keep it up.